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We have no rescue dogs at present. See Etosha Rescue.

updated 2-19-12

Photo ©2012 Andre Araiz

Aiko (a Viki/Enzo pup) at 6 months

NEW! Check out our Sengei Ridgeback FAQ (frequently asked questions). If you have questions, they are probably answered here.

Our current litter is a Ben/Esme litter, now one month old. The next planned litter will be early summer with River (Ch Sengei's Cry Me a River) and a male to be determined. If you are interested in a Sengei puppy, please fill out our Prospective Owner Questionnaire and/or call us at (919) 360-9882 .
Also take a look at our
Ten Commandments of Puppy Training.

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About the Rhodesian Ridgeback
First developed in southern Africa as an all-round farm dog, the athletic beauty and great courage of the Rhodesian Ridgeback made him a favorite with big game hunters, and he became known as the “African lion hound.” His role today is principally as a companion and guardian. The courage and intelligence of this dog first manifest in the puppy as an unlikely combination of hardheadedness and sweet sensitivity. He can be a challenge to raise and train properly. But the owner with the patience, will and gentleness to guide a ridgeback puppy to his full potential will be greatly rewarded by the wonderful temperament of the adult. We do not recommend the Rhodesian Ridgeback for first-time dog owners.