Our other interests include martial arts,
picture of ridgeback wearing Morgan's black belt
picture of Morgan and puppy reading together, sort of.
homeschooling, photography and violin.
Little Billy swims at 6 weeks

We live in a small enclave of country in the middle of Cary, North Carolina, just outside Raleigh. Here is a picture of our home taken from the pond.

They say that landscaping and dogs don't mix, but they do pretty well together. What doesn't mix is maintenance of landscaping and dog shows -- especially when they are held every weekend....

Who we are

Julia and Bradley Jones,             Cary, NC 27513 (USA)
(919) 466-7084     www.sengei.com     sengei@aol.com


Here is our pond. None of our adult dogs were raised here, so they don't like to swim. But the puppies plunge in -- it's what you get used to. Sometimes I think the older dogs don't swim because we never expected them to.

We like to do things together. With ridgebacks, that means everything (or should, according to the rrs).