2004 Rhodesian Ridgeback Calendar

These are jpeg graphic files compressed in zip format. Right-Clicking (Windows) on them will bring up the "save to disk" prompt. Mac users can option-click the link or simply drag it to the desktop.

The free utility "Stuffit Expander" will open the files. Most computers today come with Stuffit Expander already installed.

After they are opened, the files can be printed on your color printer. We prefer to trim the edges afterward, if the printer can't print to the edge. They are 200 ppi files, so set your printer accordingly.You may download all the files at once by clicking the "12-month Calendar" or one at a time, by month. The download sizes are listed below. If you have a slow connection, you might prefer the 5x7 inch calendars, which are zipped into one file.

I will leave the calendar files here until the end of February. After that, I will post just the file for the calendar month.

Email me if you have any questions or problems downloading and printing. If you are unable to print them, I will be happy to send you the calendar pages for the price of the paper and postage.

This is how January looks mounted on our fridge with a magnet.
Restrictions: This calendar is copyright ©Sengei Ridgebacks. You are free to download the calendar for yourself or a third party provided our name remains on the page. If you wish to post it for download from another site, please ask us first for permission.

12-Month Calendar       (download size: 4 MB)

12-Month Calendar small  (download size: 2.4 MB)

By month:

January    (304 KB)    

February   (284 KB)  

March      (384 KB)  

April      (340 KB)

May        (488 KB)

June       (324 KB)

July       (444 KB)

August     (320 KB)

September  (344 KB)      

October    (248 KB)

November   (356 KB)     

December   (364 KB)