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How To Talk Show-Dog


You are sitting ringside watching the dogs and the people next to you start talking about sloping croups and knuckling over and that dog's withers and this dog's pasterns and you think: "Am I the only person around here speaking English?"

Well, now you can sound like an expert too. Just run the mouse over areas of the dog below and the names of the parts will pop up. The next time you are at a show (having studied the parts diligently), turn to the person next to you and say, "I can't say I like that dog's [insert name of part]." At that, your neighbor will nod sagely, unless of course you are talking to the owner of said dog. In which case, you should probably remove yourself to a safe distance.

Keep in mind that it is much safer to not like the dog's [name of part] than to say "I really like that dog's [name of part]." To which your neighbor might reply, "Oh really? Why on earth is that?"