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AKC HN 00929204      OFA RR-7699G28F-NOPI     born 6-26-02     owners: Miriam Henderson and Julia Jones

Dixie & Miriam tailgate it
the best bitch in the ring

(left) It's hard to say who is the happiest. Look at those smiles.

(above) Dixie showing her heart out; she worked for this win.

Below: Dixie as a pup; also see her as the young adult today.

find the darkest one Dixie and littermates at one month the sort of picture you hate to have your mother show to company

(left) At 5 days, Dixie is the darkest one, wearing gold.
(above & right) At 1 month, still the darkest, 2nd from left. Louie next to her (blue), Magritte on her other side (red).

one-month portrait
a honey colored coat I'm outta here

(above) Six weeks old; still showing the dark coat of the newborn. We wondered if it was there to stay.

At 4 months, her coat transformed.

(left) Is there anything more sincere than the face of a puppy?

First swimming lessons. I'm outta here.


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