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AKC HP05429503     OFA pending     born 4-30-03     owners: Kristen & Andy Williamson and Julia Jones

Durban and Brad in the show ring

What a boy this is! Durban has such great presence and stunning looks that I can never take enough pictures of him.

At left is his first show win (at his first show). Brad picked him up at the Williamsons' and only worked with him for a few minutes before going in the ring. (He took 2 points out of the puppy class.)

It not only is testament to his natural style, but also to the great condition Andy and Kristen keep him in.

They are a family of "firsts." First ridgeback, first win in their first show, and now first child. (see picture below)

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Brad and Durban taking 2 points under Judge Jacklyn Hungerland, Alamance Kennel Club, Raleigh, March 18, 2004

Baby Durban
(aka Banzai):

look at that
wonderful smile


Baby Durban lying on his mother
Baby Durban smiling
head shot of Baby Durban
Durban stacked at one month

3 days                4 days                  2 weeks             4 weeks

Young Durban:



Durban with the Williamsons
Durban stacked at 3 months
Brad and Durban
  Durban goes home with
  Kristen & Andy Williamson
   Stacking practice at 3 months.
    The "stacker" was Andy Williamson.
   Well done for a novice
Brad and Durban on the porch.
4 months old.

Teen Durban:

Durban running in the field
Durban at the beach
Durban head shot at one year
Baby Aaron resting against Durban
Running flat out.
High jump.
The cushiony sand is a good place for this sort of play.
“First child”

Don't try this at home.
Durban with week-old Aaron; Daddy's protective hand is at lower left. You have to really know your dog well to do this.