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the litter at 13 days
light playing on their coats
Esme (red)  & Faust (green)
Dolly (purple) & Colt (blue)
Faust sleeping
Berkeley (white)
Faust and Esme
This picture was taken Wednesday, 11/12. The others were taken Thursday, 11/13. In those few short hours, everything changed.
Faust and Esme interacting, sort of...
Their ears have flapped over, so they no longer look like little bats.
Berkeley's eyes just opened yesterday. She can't focus yet, but is attracted by light.

The unusual colors are an illusion cast by the light. On the left side is the warm yellow heat lamp; on the right, the cold blue of a November day.



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Everyone is on the move now. From one end of the whelping box to the other, everything seems new and worth exploring.
Basking in the warmth of the heat lamp. Everything is so very exhausting. Maybe it will still be there tomorrow.