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Life in week two was as
warm and fuzzy as a
Charlie Brown movie.

Week three,
on the other hand, is
more like Animal House.

toga! toga! toga!
food fight!
Where did everybody come from?
Standing Room Only at the Milk Bar
wake up, Neo
Dolly and Faust. Wake up, Neo.
Wake up, already!
I said, WAKE UP!
Amber Kicks Back
still hanging, watching the world go by
Very sure of himself
confident Esme
Hanging Out on the Boxcorner
Faust and Berkeley hang out and watch the world go by. But Dolly wants in.
No, no, there isn't enough room. get down ...oops! Berkeley loses out.

As they say in horseracing, he knows who he is.

Esme - calm and deliberate
Amber: If you see anything up there, guys, wake me.