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Week Three: Thinking Outside the Box
Coming out in every way: out of the box, out of babyhood. Personalities are emerging and with them, a tentative pack hierarchy.
First out of the box were Fawn and Jewel (the two livernosed girls). Here is Jewel on one of her many forays into the wide world of the bedroom.
Billy is quite content to stay in the box this week. So far, he has been an easygoing presence in the litter.
Achilles was the firstborn and the largest. We thought he might be alpha, but he is developing a thoughtful, gentle livernose personality.
Billy and spunky runt Ember face off in a yodelling context. Dixie (top right) is wisely staying out of this one -- she already knows she will never be alpha.
Homer is a big pup and already likes to run things. But at heart he is mama's little boy.
Livers often have a glowing color. This is Jewel, who looks very much like her brother Achilles.
First meal -- raw meat, cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, vitamins and Prozyme. I should eat this well.