Rhodesian Ridgeback pup Louie almost one month old (sm)

Louie, male, second born.

Birth weight: 18.8 oz. ID color: blue.

Louie at 9 weeks - Rhodesian Ridgeback pup
Not the largest at birth, Louie became a chunk. At 3 weeks,he is clearly the alpha.
The Karate Dog is a clear favorite with the adult dogs. (It goes Ahhh-yaahhh when chewed.) Louie is not so sure about it. He is giving it "the strut" to keep it in line,
What's this Ahhh-yaahhh stuff all about, anyway?

Louie's natural stance is very solid.

Well, okay, so you're not my mother. Can we at least be friends??
at 9 weeks -- Sept 29, 2002
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