A good look at her ridge
on the hunt
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homely little Magritte head shot at 3 weeks
Magritte, female, the third born.

Birth weight: 13.8 oz. ID color: yellow. One of the smallest at birth, she gained rapidly. She has a spectacular, very wide ridge with a third crown.

Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, 4 weeks old
Magritte standing in shadow
Magritte stretches out too far
Magritte playing, showing her ridge clearly
What a face! She gives no clue at this age of the stunning girl she will grow into in just a month.
An easy favorite with people, she loves attention.
How did I get into this position?.....and how do I get out of it?
Magritte on the hunt
Magritte with a pinecone
Magritte with light shining through her ear
Magritte on her 2-month birthday