Rhodesian Ridgeback Nigel at one month
Nigel, male, the fourth born.

Birthweight: 15.8 oz. ID color: green.

Nigel at 3 weeks
Rhodesian Ridgeback pup Nigel stacked at  5 weeks
He is one month old here.
Although Nigel shows a lot of male go-gettum, he is a very sweet little boy, and loves to be with people. (3 weeks old)
Nigel developed an overbite and was placed as a pet. (The overbite evened out into a perfect scissors bite later.)
Rhodesian Ridgeback pup playing, clearlyh showing the ridge
Click on a picture to see an enlargement.
A great pup with a lot of potential
(picture taken at 5 weeks).
at 6 weeks
at 7 weeks


at 6 weeks
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